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We are a leading laser cheque printing company and have been printing secure business cheques for a number of clients for many years so we know the implications of not having a secure system in place could have on a business. Cheque fraud could have a major impact on your reputation and any business. Cheque fraud techniques have become more sophisticated, so your company cheques need to be more secure than ever.

This is where we come in, our secure business cheques have an exemplary record in preventing cheque fraud, and with the introduction of our 4 newest security features you’ve never been safer. Our new features are:

New Toner Secure: Our new advanced toner to paper adhesion ensures the paper is teared if it’s altered.

New Hologram Overprint: Designed to avoid hologram interfering.

New Validate Number: Invisible UV Number.

New Heat Reactive Spot: Instant cheque validation, prevents colour copying of cheques.

Once you order your business cheques, our team take care of everything and do all the work on your behalf. Such as approaching your bank to make sure that the new cheque design is approved to save you incurring any unnecessary admin time or costs. We also make sure that all security standards are met and sometimes exceeded.

Our experienced and friendly team are always on hand to give help and advice on everything relating to laser cheque printing, just call us on (01792) 850850 for our Swansea office or on (01225) 464750 for our Bath office.


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