New Toner Secure

Advanced Toner to Paper Adhesion, resulting in paper fibre tear if cheque is altered.

Offers the ultimate anti-alteration protection

New Hologram Overprint

Microtext litho overprint designed to prevent hologram tampering.

Hologram protection as recommended within International cheque standards

New Validate Number

Invisible UV Random Number used to validate original cheques using a website based facility.

New Heat Reactive Spot

Instant cheque validation, prevents colour copying of cheques

Corporate Branded Fugitive Panel

Your corporate name/logo style graphically reproduced in a 3D (relief) effect in very fine lines, this is a security printing technique called NUMISMATICS.

· Your requirement can be printed in one of 6 styles as per examples below
· Extremely difficult to accurately reinstate or counterfeit


Labels Design Fugitive

Designs have been fully PIRA tested and are approved for laser toner adhesion

Reduces ability to remove or alter laser toner

Security Hologram

Is probably the best visible deterrent to counterfeit fraud. The security hologram is a standard feature on Custom Cheque – Secure 2 and is supplied F.O.C.

Unique & exclusive to the security printer, significantly improving hologram security

Watermarked CBS1

Strong watermark design offers additional deterrent to counterfeiting. Unique & exclusive to the security printer, significantly improving paper security

Solvent Ink

Solvent ink will bleed when attacked with solvent-based agents.

Aqua Ink

Aqua ink will bleed when attacked with aqua based agents.

· This ink will also “secondary fluoresce” when attacked with aqua based agents.

· These features cannot be replicated on colour copiers, laser printers etc.

Micr Line - UV

MICR numbering is protected by invisible UV feature, highlighting any alterations to the MICR number


An extra fine microtext feature makes the cheque very difficult to copy or scan

Invisible U.V.

Encompasses a unique security graphics technique developed specifically to combat fraudulent alterations and counterfeit on cheques, called MICRO-NUMISMATICS.

· This involves the NUMISMATIC “fine line” being broken down into a micro pattern and then developed into numismatics. It is applied to the words “ADVANCED SECURITY”.

· This feature protects every single character of infill, is easy on the eye to detect fraud, and is virtually impossible to reinstate.

· The ‘moire’ pattern coupled with MICRO-NUMISMATICS provides an excellent defence against counterfeiting.

All our cheques are Guaranteed to meet Banking Certification to C&CCC Audit Standard for Cheque Printers.