How to order

This is what is needed to allow us to process your cheque order:

Cheque quantities

The quantity of cheques you are ordering, subject to proof approval

A copy of your existing cheque

A copy of your existing cheque to give the account details and bank address etc. This can be cancelled and posted or scanned and emailed to us.

Bankers Details

We need the name, telephone and email address of your account manager at your local branch for us to send proofs to. We send for approval from the bank at the same time we send proofs to you. We cannot proceed to production without both approvals. There is no need for you to contact the bank (unless you wish to).

Your company logo

An electronic high resolution version of your logo as an eps, tiff or jpeg. Not always essential, but if you have it leads to a better printed job. If your job is printed in colours other than black, it would help if you could advise the pms colour. Failing that we will colour match your existing cheque or letter heading.

Cheques starting number

The preferred start number for the cheque number sequence (your bank will confirm if it is ok when they approve your proofs).

Choose a Layout

We can create a cheque layout for any software package. Simply send us your existing cheque or if this is a new project, a test printout to show where the print positions are by post or email and we’ll provide a proof that you can test with your software.  Alternatively we will email examples of cheques for you to choose from and you can adjust  your software to fit the boxes.

Fugitive Panel

This is the coloured band in the body of the cheque.
Choose the colour and style of the fugitive panel you would like. You can download a pdf to see your choices or you can ask us to post you samples.





The names of two individuals who will be designated to accept delivery from our parcel carriers. This is to try to avoid the cheques falling into the wrong hands. If you would prefer your cheques delivered by courier please let us know and we will advise the additional cost.

Printing Configuration

Please advise how the cheques will be loaded into your printer. This will usually be face up with the lowest number on top. We will then collate them in the correct manner for you.

If we are unsure of your instructions we will email you a sketch to discuss before submitting to the studio as this will save time. We will then send you proofs and at the same time we will send proofs to your bankers. There is no need for you to contact your bank.

If you are confused do not worry. Let us have as much of the above as you can and we can take it from there.